Sight: Yehliu GeoPark

This trip to the Yehliu GeoPark was my first trip to the North Coast of Taiwan.  Getting to the Park is extremely easy from Taipei, however it is one of the “must see” places in Taiwan, and is often crowded with tour groups.  That said, it’s big enough that it’s easy to lose the crowds after some time.

I would really recommend the park for anyone travelling to/around Taiwan with kids – they’ll have an awesome time running among the strange looking rock formations.  It would also be a nice day trip idea for couples looking to get out of Taipei easily.

Entry to the park will set you back NT$50 (students can get in for NT$25).  You can walk all the way to the tip of the peninsula, which stretches out some 1.7km into the Pacific Ocean.  I’m sure it looks amazing on a clear, sunny day (unfortunately I went on the cold & windy type of day).

Neil Wade has listed several ways to reach the park on his blog.  A few other details below:

  • Park Entry: NT$50
  • Bus (from Taipei): NT$96
  • Train (Taipei – Keelung): NT$41 + Bus (from Keelung): NT$30
  • To get to the park from the bus stop takes about 10 minutes walking through a small fishing village.  Follow the blue path.

There’s also Ocean World park next to the park entrance, which has regular shows featuring different sea creatures.  There’s also a good looking market/souvenir place next to the park entrance.

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