Sights: Lin An-Tai Residence

Sure, this place isn’t towards the top of “must sees” in Taipei, however after reading about at My Kafkaesque Life, I decided to go & have a look.

I was pleasantly surprised.  Despite being located under the flightpath of Songshan Airport, it was a particularly peaceful place.  It wasn’t full of hordes of people, and was a very nice place to just spend an afternoon.  You may see a few people doing photo shoots, but that’s really about it.

The residence itself has been relocated from a previous location, however the grounds are very nice & spacious.  The main residence itself doubles as a museum, showcasing various items & describing the old way of life.  There’s plenty of see outside of the main house too, with a small lake, with pagodas surrounding it which makes a nice place to relax.  There’s a trail that goes around the grounds, which is nice to follow at a leisurely pace.

To get there, you can either take the bus, or walk from Yuanshan MRT station.  It’s a nice walk (about 15 minutes) through parks.  More information on how to get there at the Lin An-Tai Historical House website.

The below photos were taken on an Olympus Pen EE-3 (old half-frame film camera).

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