Sights: NTU Farm – Taipei

NTU Farm is a very nice place to go early in the morning, or makes for a good starting point to explore the Gongguan area (including Treasure Hill).  I go to language school at NTU (National Taiwan University, also know as TaiDa), but was surprised to find out that there was a farm on the university campus.

I went along on a Saturday morning & was pleasantly surprised.  It’s amazing to find such a place in the middle of the city, but the farm area & the lake that’s next to it make a great spot for photography, or just chilling out.  When I went there were children planting corn.  The kids were having a great time, though I’m not sure how families can arrange to join in on these activities.  There’s also a rice museum located just beyond the farm (on the opposite side of the road to the pastures).  Though there’s no English, the guides there are patient with non-native Chinese speakers & I was able to get the gist of what they were saying.

NTU Farm is also has very nice ice cream, which is sold (along with plenty of other items) at the school store, located on the main road through the university (you’ll see it as you walk to the farm from Gongguan station).

Getting to NTU Farm, take a train or a bus to MRT Gongguan Station.  Find Exit 2, and there will be an entrance to the university behind it.  Walk up that road & you’ll see the school shop on your left & eventually get to the lake & farm (over a small bridge) on your left.

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