Events: Eslite 誠品 Unplugged 分享現場

洪申豪 @ Xinyi Eslite

洪申豪 @ Xinyi Eslite

I’ve recently found out about a series of live FREE music gigs that

take place on Friday nights at various Eslite bookstores around Taiwan.  Obviously I only know details for the ones in Taipei, but if you are in Taichung, or Kaohsiung be sure to keep a look out.  It’s a nice way to unwind on a Friday night, with a small crowd & a local Taiwanese band playing some tunes.

Last week I was a the flagship Xinyi store to see 洪申豪 play some songs from his new album LIGHT CORAL, and tonight I made my way to the Tianmu store to see a short gig by BIKE樂團.

All the gigs start at 8pm, and go for about 1 hour.  Keep an eye out at your local Eslite (or online – or Eslite Music) for November’s lineups.

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